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Hi, my name is Daniel Palstra

I'm an IT consultant living in IJsselstein, the Netherlands. I like to deliver cool IT solutions that help customers win! My fields of expertise rely in middleware, integration and cloud solutions.

Facts about me

  • Half developer, half ops. DevOps?
  • Eager to learn new methods, products and opinions
  • Can work independently, but loves the team spirit
  • Open source committer
  • Delivers solicited and unsolicited advice :-)
  • Loves to travel the world

Traveled Australia
Middleware consultant
Rabobank ICT
WSO2 Roadshow
Start freelancing
Docker Trainer
Do DevOps

What I do

On the job I am able to fullfill the following roles.



I have been working on both large and small projects within different environments where middleware is used to connect heterogeneous API's, services and legacy systems. I have experience in designing, building and implementing different services in ESB's. I love fulfilling the role off API developer, working in a DevOps setting.



In the role of solution architect I've gained a lot of experience in delivering designs to help customers kickstart their middleware and cloud projects. I am able to translate customers requirements to solutions that work in production.


Cloud engineering

As a cloud engineer I've worked on setting up cloud environments that can be continuous delivered by automating everything. I've embraced the DevOps philosophy and I am able to get others excited as well to build complete environments as code.


IT Consultancy

In my daily work, I am able to overlook the situation to provide both solicited and unsolicited advice. I love sharing knowledge with my team, it's management and the board by delivering presentations, demo's and training.

Happy clients

cups of coffee

lines of codes


hours phone calls



Some of the open source technologies and methods I use in my current assignments.
Please visit my linkedIn profile and read my resume to find out what skills I master.

Contact me

So you want to get in touch, cool! The best way to get in contact with me is by email . I am also available on phone or by skype. I share my knowledge and thought on different social media so don't forget to follow me on one of the following social media below.

Daniel Palstra

E: daniel AT danielpalstra.com

KVK: 63189151

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.